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AUTOMATE your FBA Inventory Management

  • Forecast your inventory needs
  • Get low Inventory Alerts
  • Find out your excess inventory
  • See your upcoming FBA long term storage fees
  • Find out if Amazon is over-charging you on FBA fees
  • See your profits on promotions you run
  • See your inventory total in each state and each FBA fulfillment center
  • See your inventory cost in each state and each FBA fulfillment center

Upcoming Features

Automated Inventory Replenishment

Replenish your inventory with automated purchase orders to your vendors based on your sales velocity and current inventory so you never run out of stock or you never have over-stock

Feedback Manangement

Automate your emailing process with your customers. Customizable email portal that can ask for feedback, product reviews send shipment notices and much more.

Automated FBA Fee Manangement

Kick back and watch AmzPro analyze FBA fees and open up cases for you with seller support to get your overcharged fees reimbursed.

Secret weapon

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Why AmzPro?

AmzPro was born from an Amazon Seller

Eli started his business on Amazon in 2009 with almost no budget. He ordered two products in very small quantities from a China vendor he found on Alibaba and listed them on Amazon. He quickly realized it was very difficult to sell products on the World’s number one marketplace by just listing products so he started studying and analyzing the ins and outs of to figure out the best ways and methods to generate and improve sales. About Us

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